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Don Altemus, MS, CPS, CRS

Donald Altemus, MS, CPS, CRS is a trainer, motivational speaker and person with lived experience who has assisted people working on their recovery for the past 15 years. Currently, Don is the manager of a team of 8 peer specialists, 5 Certified Peer Specialists and 3 Certified recovery Specialists.

Don’s approach to supervision utilizes a trauma informed approach managing individuals from a practical and personal level which engages them and promotes their own self-directed path to discovery. This allows them to grow professionally while also managing their own wellness and recovery.Don has presented on an international level in advancement of peer support, community inclusion and self-direction. Don holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral and Addictions Counseling from Drexel University.

Don’s presentations and work with individuals is down to earth and Don utilizes personal experience from his own recovery path in his instruction in both individual and group settings. Don has been the recipient of the Chester County Recovery Stars Award in 2010 and the Mark Kravitz award in 2008. Don is also a well versed instructor for QPR Suicide prevention and acts as an adjunct trainer/peer experience presenter for Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to police throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

Don enjoys volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association, Thresholds and Compeer. When not working or volunteering, Don enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife and three children.

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